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Clouds in the sky for the near perfect body.
The Near Perfect Body

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The near perfect body book

The Near Perfect Body

Official Website of Roger Shorr, author of the new breakthrough fitness book,
The Near Perfect Body©
and the pathway to yours

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Clouds in the sky for the near perfect body


Image of a humanoid representing reprogramming your mind
Icecream cone junk food
Image of a puzzle piece in putting t all together

Reprogramming Your Mind

Dealing With Junk

Putting It All Together



Image of Roger Shorr taking a stroll on the beaches of Florida

Roger Shorr began his career as a financial professional in 1990.  After several years, he became a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). In 2007, he became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  professional and was one until he retired in 2019.

As an independent advisor, he was able to provide his many clients with products and services that were in their best interests.

His practice was located in Towson, Maryland, and had a strategic alliance with Synergy Financial Group. Mr. Shorr advocated sticking to basics.

He championed the idea that a good plan, a properly diversified portfolio, and good investor behavior were the keys to financial freedom. He conducted many seminars and classes on financial planning and came to love public speaking.

He is today happily retired and living with his wife, Jennifer, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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